Specialist Services

As bat experts we frequently support other ecological consultancies by carrying out specialist tasks on their behalf.

We can help you deliver the highest standards of professional bat work for your clients when your own team are fully extended or lack specific skills. We pride ourselves on responding to your needs quickly and professionally, whether you need a complete bat survey from start to finish or a drop-in solution for a specific requirement.

Licensable survey work
Our bat specialists hold SNCO licenses for all areas of mainland Britain, allowing us to carry out specialised surveys of buildings and other structures where disturbance of bats is a possibility.

Full team sunset and dawn surveys
We are able to deploy up to 10 trained and equipped surveyors to a site, delivering best practice standards of emergence and dawn return surveys with sufficient surveyors to cover all aspects of a building or site.

Tree surveys
Supervising skilled tree climbers or using access equipment we can assess trees for the presence of bat roosts.

Passive (unattended) monitoring
We have extensive experience of using unattended bat detectors in the field Using your own machines or ours we can plan, set up and position machines on site, retreive and analyse the recordings using a variety of software.

Licensing and mitigation
We have considerable experience of preparing derogation license applications and designing and delivering mitigation/compensation measures.

Radio tracking
When it is necessary to investigate possible impacts of a proposed development on the movements of a bat colony, we have the experience and equipment to carry out a radio tracking study on your behalf.

If you are looking to expand the skills of your team we can deliver bespoke training in a one to one or group setting. License training, bat survey skills or classroom-based workshops, such as bat call analysis or survey planning.